What Are The Different Types Of SEO API’s Available?

The best thing about using Google’s Keyword Research API is that you only need to sign up for an account. Using APIs make it easy for any business or website owner to quickly pull information you require without having to constantly click around at several different resources. Plus, once you’ve got it running smoothly and established, you can simply reuse the same procedure on subsequent searches. Check out the following SEO APIs available: SEMRUSH – a keyword research tool that creates a customized URL hierarchy based on the terms entered. This allows you to easily drill down into your own keywords from any page in your site.

– SERP APIs. Keyword research using the SERP API is extremely helpful for monitoring your competitors, assessing your current positioning, finding new niches, and researching trends. All of this is done from your own browser. To get started, register for an account with the SEO API Keyword Tool. Once your account is approved and your application accepted, you’ll be able to view your own and others clients’ archived search results and complete reports.

– Rank Tracker API. Google’s primary search engine indexing tool, Rank Tracker is an important asset for every website owner. As its name implies, it works closely with the rank tracker API. Rank tracker API makes tracking your website’s search position easy by exposing details on link popularity, link timing, anchor text usage, and more. As with the SEMRUSH keyword research tool, all you have to do is register for an account and make a few clicks.

– SERP Dashboard. Another useful seo api is the SERP dashboard. This dashboard displays all the information related to the rank of your website. As with the SERP API, you will need to register an account. The dashboard will allow you to keep track of positions, analyze data and trends, and more.

– White Label SEO API. You may want to test your own ideas using the white label SEO API. It allows you to use the standard functions of the SEO tools without signing up as a member. White label apps are similar to “open source” applications that can be used in place of the official ones with Google. These tools, however, aren’t supported officially by Google; hence, they’re referred to as “white label” apps. There aren’t many SEO white label tools available, so you may want to choose one that you can embed in your site (with permission) so you have complete control over the functionality of the application.

– areas API. The area’s API allows you to access historical link data from Google. To use this SEO API, you must create an application (website) and then associate your account. To get started, create a homepage using WordPress or another content management system. Next, install the areas plugin so you can access Google’s historic link data. With the ahrefs API, you’ll be able to see what URL’s have been clicked on in the past, what anchor text keywords were used, and much more.