Rajabhat University Nurse Course

The Rajabhat University is one of the oldest and most prestigious higher education institutions in Rajasthan. Students can choose from one of the three academic streams. The three academic streams are clinical nursing, applied health science and health management.

Nursing at the Rajabhat University is divided into two streams. Clinical nursing is a one year course. It is a program of specialized training includes research. Clinical nursing will prepare students to take up a job in a tertiary care institution. Students need not acquire an ordinary nursing certificate for clinical nursing.

The second stream of nursing is that of medical practitioner. It is a two year course. Medical practitioner will prepare students to be a member of a health care team. Students need not pursue the ordinary medical degrees for this course.

Students can also get financial assistance for their academic and vocational needs. All fees of the students are paid by the administration. Students can also avail of financial assistance to ensure that they complete their undergraduate education in order to qualify for higher studies.

Medical practitioners need not study further to become a registered nurse. They can earn a Master’s degree in Nursing. The nursing masters can ensure that these students get a job that ensures that they earn a lot of money while sitting behind a desk.

Clinical nursing is a two year course. It is the study of the clinical areas of nursing like dermatology, pediatrics, family practice, and other allied specialties.

The nursing master also offers ปริญญาโท a degree in medical practitioner. This Mastersin Clinical Nursing degree program offers a curriculum that is broad and basic. The program is on line or online and requires completion of a thesis and clinical rotations.

Students should select their career wisely so that they do not burn themselves out too early while in the process of building a professional career. Those students who want to start a career in the health care field and wish to finish the online program first before going to campus can consider the clinical nursing program first.

After finishing the first degree, the students can choose to enroll in the second level of their training in the health care industry. A major part of this second program is also taken up by the student in the clinical area. This is the area where students can practice their skills and knowledge of the different types of medicine and medical sciences and can specialize in any particular area.

The third stream of nursing study at the Rajabhat University is that of the Suan Sunandha Masters in Nursing. The Suan Sunandha Masters program is a two year program that offers four streams of study. It is divided into four major modules including clinical and learning dynamics, patient care and social development, student management, and practice.

The study of the Suan Sunandha Masters degree courses are based on the principles of individual assessment and adjustment. For example, students will be taught how to perform observation to chart a patient’s responses. The ability to understand patients’ behaviors and their abilities will be carefully observed and put into practice.

The Rajabhat University also offers a Bachelor degree program in the field of nursing. Students who wish to go for the bachelor’s degree can also get financial assistance for their studies.