Google Keyword Rank Tracker – How to Track Your Website and Improve Your SEO

A Google Keyword Rank Tracker is an automated Google Sheet document customized to help you monitor Google keyword ranking trends. Instead of tracking keyword rankings each day in Google, using a tracker will save you time and money by giving you relevant keyword ranking information at the click of a button.

Basically, this automated Google Sheet contains a Google Table template customized specifically for live monitoring of keyword rankings in the SERP on a regular basis. Unlike other popular SEO tracking tools, Google Keyword Rank Tracker actually displays the LIVE rankings of keywords in your website or among your competitors you are spying on. This means that instead of viewing how many searches are performed for a certain keyword or how many links point to your page, you will see real-time data about which keywords are the most searched and most likely to produce sales.

These days, a lot of people are looking to generate traffic to their websites without having to spend a dime. The goal of these marketers is to create backlinks pointing to their sites so that their websites will receive traffic from people who already know about them, rather than simply generating traffic from search engines.

Google Keyword Rank Tracker offers some good examples of backlinks you can get by manually driving traffic to your own website, as well as how your competitors are doing. It does not matter how many visitors you have to your website, Google will still show you how many searches are performed for your specific keywords. With this data, you will be able to see what changes need to be made in order to bring you more traffic, which will eventually lead to more profits. Since you are tracking your keywords, you will be able to tell which keywords are being searched most often, and which keywords you should focus on in order to create more conversions.

With the Google Keyword Rank Tracker, you do not have to guess about what keywords are being searched, and you don’t have to worry about google keyword rank tracker getting penalized for over-optimization. Instead, you can check how many searches are performed for each keyword, and what percentage of those searches are converted into actual sales.

If you want to monitor your own website, you can open Google’s Google Keyword Rank Tracker in a free Google spreadsheet and follow the links on the right side to your Google Keyword Data Collection Tool. In order to keep track of Google trends, you should be able to follow keyword rankings throughout the week, and see where your competition is improving. By watching your competitors’ progress, you will be able to find areas that need improvement on your website.